Plus, Mitch McConnell leads a delegation of senators to meet with Volodymyr Zelensky in Ukraine.
Roe v. Wade, GOP primaries, and the debate over student loan forgiveness.
Plus: Joe Kent’s campaign drama, social and emotional learning, and Disney vs. DeSantis.
Plus, David French asks, ‘Can anything be normal for five minutes?’
Russia loses the flagship of its Black Sea fleet, but is on the verge of taking control of Mariupol.
Searching for hope after seeing horrific images out of Ukraine.
Plus, we start the new week with grim news out of Ukraine.
Plus: The latest from Ukraine, and reporting on the Georgia GOP gubernatorial primary.
A chaotic day on the Hill, a primary challenger for Marjorie Taylor Greene, and more.
The new Cold War, the inspiring resolve of the Ukrainian people, and more.
Ukraine fights back. Will it be enough?
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