Inflation is up, his voting reform agenda is stalled, and the Supreme Court ruled against the OSHA vaccine mandate.
The anniversary of January 6, reforming the Electoral Count Act, and more.
January 6, COVID, Afghanistan, and more.
Mark Meadows and the January 6 committee, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, and more.
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What will become of Roe v. Wade?
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Plus, Zalmay Khalilzad is blaming the Afghan government for the fallout from his terrible deal with the Taliban.
Afghanistan evacuations, daylight saving time, and the Virginia governor’s race.
We reported that the U.S. admitted zero Uyghur refugees in fiscal 2021.
Time for a third party? Plus, why the Nordic model wouldn’t work here, where the missing workers are, and why we’re out of time on Iran.
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